Frequently asked questions

Overview of frequently asked questions and answers related to the complex service of electronic toll collection

Yes, new registration is necessary. As of 1 December 2019 the consortium of CzechToll and SkyToll is taking over the operation of the Electronic Toll System. The system will have a new infrastructure that meets current technological and legislative requirements. It is necessary to re-register in the new system for the necessary data update. It is also necessary to equip the vehicle with a new electronic device (on-board unit).

Yes, the electronic device of the original provider is not compatible with the new "satellite" electronic toll system. It is therefore necessary to replace it with a new one, which contains updated geographic information on toll road sections. While driving, the new electronic device monitors the vehicle location when driving using the Global Navigation Satellite System and compares it to the data stored in the GEO model. 

In order to register a vehicle in the electronic toll system, the vehicle operator is obliged - in accordance with the act and the decree - to provide the system operator with the data necessary to register the vehicle and submit the vehicle technical certificate or the vehicle registration certificate. 

A vehicle in the Electronic Toll System with at least four wheels, the maximum permissible weight being over 3.5 tons, shall be subject to toll payment for using a toll road.

The procedure for installing the electronic device can be found here: here.

Instructions on how to proceed with the return of an old electronic device can be found here:

Toll rates and basic charging principles (payment options, payment control processes, etc.) remain unchanged. These parameters are defined by applicable legislation.
Roads whose use is subject to electronic toll payment (i.e. Toll Roads) are set by Decree No. 470/2012 Coll. on the Use of Roads subject to Toll Payment as amended. Toll Roads for the use of which tolls are collected are listed in the following tables.

By registering early, you will avoid waiting at POSs and secure a smooth transition to the new system. Electronic devices ordered from 22.9. with registration made through the customer zone, will be delivered directly to hauliers free of charge. 
(*applicable to the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries)

Vehicle operators have the option of registering in the new Electronic Toll System as soon as 2 months before the system launch, starting from 22.9. 2019. Following successful registration, an electronic device (on-board unit) will be issued to a Vehicle Operator for installation in the vehicle so that it is operational no later than 1 December 2019. The registration is possible at the Points of Sale or through the Customer Zone. 
Caution: Until the proper launch of the new toll system (1 December 2019), Vehicle Operators shall be obliged to use the electronic on-board device of the original System Operator. 

An electronic device, which is owned by the government, will be lent to the carrier in the same way as before in exchange for a deposit. Carriers can purchase a new electronic device at the Points of Sale, through their fuel card issuers or through the Customer Zone. Electronic devices ordered from 22 September until 30 November 2019 will be delivered to hauliers free of charge.* 
(*applicable to the Czech Republic and neighbouring countries)

We recommend to use e.g. Adobe Acrobat Reader.
The procedure for signing in Acrobat:

  1. The PDF file opens which you want to sign.
  2. At the top left, click the "Tools" tab.
  3. Click the “Certificates” item.
  4. Acrobat switches back to the open PDF  and the “Certificates” panel appears at the top.
  5. Click the "Digital sign" button.
  6. The signature field is drawn manually to show the visible portion of the signature.
  7. A dialogue box opens where you need to select the certificate to create the signature.
  8. Click the "Sign" button.
  9. September A dialogue box for saving the resulting document with the signature opens.
  10. Acrobat creates a signature and saves the document. Alternatively, you may see a dialogue box for entering the PIN/password for the signature key, depending on the specific device used for signing.
  • If the originator of the submission is a company, entrepreneur or citizen with domicile  in Slovakia, it may use a qualified signature or a recognised signature (i.e. a signature based on a qualified certificate, which is not necessarily stored on a qualified device)
  • If the originator is a public authority (public institution) in the Czech Republic, it must use a qualified signature with a qualified time stamp
  • If the originator of the submission is a company, an entrepreneur or a citizen with a domicile in the EU, it must use a qualified signature 
  • If the originator of the submission is a company, an entrepreneur or a citizen with a domicile outside the EU, it can use any signature issued by a trusted certification body