Vehicles subject to toll payment

Overview of the vehicle categories subject to toll collection

Charging is based on the vehicle type and the distance travelled on a toll road. The use of a toll road by a vehicle with at least four wheels and the maximum permissible weight of over 3.5 tons shall be subject to a toll payment.

Vehicles according to the emission class:

  1. up to EURO IV class;
  2. EURO V and EEV class;
  3. EURO VI class;
  4. CNG-BIO EURO VI class.

Vehicles according to the number of axles:

  1. with two axles;
  2. with three axles;
  3. with four axles;
  4. with five or more axles.

Vehicles by category:

  1. Road motor vehicle - A vehicle with at least four wheels and having a maximum permissible weight of more than 3.5 tons (this category also includes caravans and campers)
  2. Bus - A bus for the purpose of the toll system shall be a road motor vehicle with at least four wheels, having in its registration documents specified the maximum permissible weight of 3 501 kg or more and at least one of the following data:
    • in the field J. vehicle category ... M2 or M3 or M2G or M3G
    • in the field vehicle type... “Bus”
    • in the field S. number of transported persons including the driver 10 or more (or the sum of places for sitting and standing in the field S.1 and S.2)