The Customer Service Line

Customer Service Line provides 24-hour services at the telephone number +420 243 243 243

Operators will be happy to provide you with answers to questions related to electronic toll collection. They will receive technical issues reports, or address claims and other suggestions with you.

Specification of the scope of customer services provided by self-serve devices

The Customer Service Line provides customer services. You can report, among other things, a technical issue, a claim, or a complaint. The Customer Service Line provides the following services:

  • general information on the electronic toll system;
  • information on billing details and clarification of any billing objections;
  • receiving a report on an electronic device (on-board unit) technical failure, its loss or theft;
  • allowing the  receipt of requests for access to the customer zone and to reset your customer zone password;
  • allowing the receipt of customer claims, complaints and suggestions;allowing the receipt of reports on technical issues of the electronic toll system;
  • allowing the sending of duplicate tax documents;

Confidential information, personal data and related detailed information regarding the specific account of a vehicle operator are provided only following the verification of the caller to whom this information will be provided, just based on answering control questions regarding selected registration data asked by the Customer Service Line staff.

Operators speak the following languages:

  • Czech, English, German, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian

Calls to the customer service line are charged as regular fixed line calls within the Czech Republic.