Ownership and obligations of the vehicle operator related to the OBU issuance

The electronic device and its basic accessories, specified in the electronic device user manual, are and shall remain the property of the system operator.

A pre-condition for issuing an electronic device is a deposit paid for the electronic device.

At the request of the system operator, the vehicle operator can pick up the electronic device (or multiple electronic devices) at a contact or distribution point.

The electronic device is issued by the authorised staff of the system operator at a point of sale. At the same time, the vehicle operator receives a report on the receipt of the electronic device, whereby it confirms the receipt of the electronic device by its signature. Only one electronic device may be used in the vehicle, registered only for this vehicle in the electronic toll system.

The electronic devic‏e may only be used with the original accessories, otherwise any claim by the vehicle operator and/or the driver in connection with the proper functioning of the electronic device cannot be applied.

The electronic device can only be handled and used in the manner prescribed by the act, decree, terms and conditions and the electronic device user’s guide.

The user acknowledges and agrees that the system operator is entitled to block the electronic device, especially in the case of a negative prepaid toll credit, in cases of inconsistencies in payments of toll, deposit and service charges according to the list of fees, in case of insufficient or non-existent security of payment liabilities, if the electronic device is lost or stolen, when the electronic device is tampered with or, for example, if the electronic device has technical issues, about which the user is notified by the system operator.

The basic obligations of the vehicle operator in relation to the electronic device include, in particular:

  • The vehicle operator and/or the vehicle driver is required to check the functionality and the proper setting of the electronic device before a journey, during the journey and after completing the journey on toll roads.
  • When checking the electronic device functionality before a journey, the vehicle driver is required, before entering the toll roads, to check if the setting of the number of axles of the vehicle is correct.
  • If there a malfunction or damage to the electronic device occurs while driving on toll roads, the driver shall be obliged to visit the nearest contact or distribution point and replace the electronic device there.
  • Observe the safety instructions in the user's guide to the electronic device.