Vehicles exempt from toll payment

Summary of the categories of vehicles exempt from toll payment

Exemption from toll payment

The use of a toll road by a vehicle shall not be subject to toll payment:

  • if the vehicle is equipped with a special warning light according to a special regulation, in case of:
    • a vehicle of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic;
    • vehicle of an emergency medical service provider, transportation of emergency care patients and medical transport services;
    • a vehicle of an integrated emergency system unit not listed in items 1 and 2;
  • a vehicle of the Ministry of Interior used by the Police of the Czech Republic and equipped with the inscription “POLICIE” (POLICE);
  • a vehicle of the Armed Forces of the Czech Republic, including vehicles used by the Military Police and equipped with the inscription “VOJENSKÁ POLICIE” (MILITARY POLICE) and vehicles of another country's armed forces on a reciprocal basis;
  • a vehicle of the customs authorities equipped with the words “CELNÍ SPRÁVA” (CUSTOMS ADMINISTRATION);
  • a vehicle of the fire brigades and volunteer fire brigades with the words "HASIČI” (FIRE BRIGADES);
  • a vehicle of the municipal or city police equipped with the words "OBECNÍ POLICIE” (MUNICIPAL POLICE) or "MĚSTSKÁ POLICIE” (CITY POLICE);
  • a vehicle of the Prison Service of the Czech Republic with a special colour design and marking under a special legal regulation;
  • a vehicle transporting severely disabled persons who, under special regulation, hold a severe disability card, with the exception of those affected by full or practical deafness, or a holder of severe disability/disability card, if the holder of the vehicle is the disabled person himself/herself or a close person;
  • a vehicle transporting dependent children who are being treated for cancer or haemoblastosis;
  • a vehicle record in the road vehicle register of members of a diplomatic mission;
  • a vehicle operated by a nursing home for people with disabilities, if used to transport people with disabilities;
  • a vehicle performing rescue and termination work and protecting the population;
  • a vehicle of the State Reserve Bureau administration with the transport of state material reserves or state humanitarian aid in crisis situations pursuant to a special regulation;
  • a vehicle of the toll road administrator.

The specified toll exempt vehicles shall not be subject to toll payment. A vehicle must be registered in the electronic toll system and equipped with an electronic device (on-board unit) for the purposes of inspection. 

Agreement on the use of the electronic device in toll exemption mode

The agreement on the use of the electronic device in the toll exemption mode or its amendments can be concluded by the statutory body or a person with a written authorisation of public authorities and organizations, or another person who presents to the system operator a written power of attorney with an officially certified  signature of the person authorized to act on behalf of the vehicle operator. At the same time, the user is obliged to submit a certified document confirming its legal capability and the vehicle technical certificate or the vehicle registration certificate. If the vehicle of the user has a metallised windscreen, the user is obliged to inform the system operator of this fact when registering the vehicle. The user is responsible for the accuracy of the reported data and the documents submitted.

A vehicle operator may enter into the agreement on the use of the electronic device under the toll exemption mode at a contact point.

A change of the vehicle operator's data shall be notified to the system operator by means of a claim form. The system operator is obliged to make the reported changes within thirty (30) days of receiving this notification at the latest.