Electronic Device (On-Board Unit) Installation

The vehicle operator and, in the case of the vehicle registration in the prepay toll mode, the vehicle driver shall be responsible for the proper installation and placement of the electronic device in the vehicle in accordance with the applicable legislation and the electronic device user’s guide, and in the manner to enable in particular collecting data necessary for toll calculation and enforcement.

The installation of the electronic device is defined as the physical connection of the electronic device to the vehicle’s power system. Placement of the electronic device is defined as the spatial arrangement of the position of the electronic device on the windscreen of the vehicle.

The electronic device must be installed on the inside of the windscreen, in the lower area between the steering column and the centre of the vehicle, and it must not be covered by wipers in the parking position or other objects (eg. stickers), and at the same time it must not restrict the driver's field of vision while driving. The electronic device must not be installed in the stowage compartments or moving parts, for example airbag covers. The effect of the de-icing nozzles of the vehicle shall not be restricted. The selected spot for installation must provide a sufficient space for trouble-free electronic device installation and operation.

The electronic device offers a simple and flexible installation and removal option for an untrained person. The electronic device is mounted on the inside of the windscreen by means of suction cups attached to the removable part of the electronic device cover - the so-called holder. It can then remain in the vehicle even after the electronic device is removed. Connection to the vehicle's power supply is through a cable that plugs into a cigarette lighter socket or other socket with the same mechanical specification.

Instructions for plugging in electronic device for fixed installation

(When plugging in an electronic device to a fixed set, do not break the blinded sockets on the electronic device, use a free socket after removed the power cord).

If the vehicle is equipped with a device or modified in such a way that could prevent the proper operation of the electronic device, the vehicle operator and/or vehicle driver are obliged to install an external antenna supplied by the system operator and to install the antenna in the electronic device according to the electronic device user’s guide. The vehicle operator shall request the system operator to issue an electronic device with an external antenna.

The correct setting of the electronic device is the responsibility of the vehicle operator as well as of the driver before and in the course of driving on a toll road. Setting the electronic device is understood as entering the correct data in the electronic device, in particular the vehicle category and the number of axles.