Registering vehicles and their operators in the prepay mode

Instructions for applying for registration with the electronic tolling system

How to register

In the prepay mode, a vehicle can be registered at any point of sale and also through the customer service line. The registration of vehicles at points of sale takes place in the presence of a customer to whom electronic devices (on-board units) are issued following registration. When registering vehicles outside the points of sale, it is necessary to pick up the electronic device in person at points of sale of all types. The electronic device issuance is subject to the payment of a specified deposit.

In order to register a vehicle in the electronic toll system, the user is obliged to provide the system operator with the data necessary to register the vehicle and submit the vehicle technical certificate or the vehicle registration certificate. In particular, the vehicle operator shall provide the following information:

(a) the vehicle license plate number and the country where the vehicle is registered;

(b) the vehicle category pursuant to the applicable legislation, the decree in particular;

(c) the total vehicle weight, the number of axles and the vehicle emission class;

(d) indication of whether the vehicle is equipped with equipment or modification that could impede the proper functioning of the electronic device (on-board unit), for example, whether the vehicle has a metallised windscreen;

(e) company name/business name/name and surname of the vehicle operator;

(f) the name or business name, or the name and surname of the vehicle owner, if different from the vehicle operator;

(g) e-mail address of the vehicle operator.

The user is responsible for the accuracy of the reported data and the documents submitted.