Billien OBU 5051 Electronic Device

Indicator, signal and control features are located on the front of the electronic device (On-Board Unit).

When an electronic device is connected to a power source, it turns on whenever:

  • you switch on the ignition; or
  • the vehicle starts moving; or
  • after pressing the button.

Before driving, while driving and after driving on toll roads, the driver is required to check the functionality and accuracy of the electronic device settings.

The meaning of the individual indicator, signal and control features is described below.


billien obu


User interface

  1. Main status LED
  2. Setting the vehicle category (switching between the permitted number of axles down)
  3. Activating/deactivating the sound signal
  4. Setting the vehicle category (switching between the permitted number of axles)
  5. Initiation of manual communication (long press, 3 seconds)
  6. Credit amount indication
  7. External power supply
  8. - 10. Vehicle axle number indication

Setting the vehicle category and signalling

The activation and basic setting of the electronic device is performed by an authorized system operator employee at a point of sale, based on the registration data of the vehicle registered in the electronic toll system. In the process of downloading the electronic device, it is necessary to check the accuracy of the data as well as the accuracy of the indicated setting of the electronic device and the indicated operating status of the electronic device.

If there is a change in the number of vehicle axles before or during use of toll roads (e.g. trailer connection), the user is obliged to change the number of axles using the appropriate electronic device control to match the actual vehicle category (or actual number of axles).

To change the number of axles, press “ arrow " or “ arrow " and if necessary, repeatedly until the number of axles displayed in the corresponding symbol matches the actual condition of the vehicle or vehicle combination. To activate or deactivate the sound signal, press the “ cross " button.

Indications of vehicle category and number of axles.
Vehicle type Vehicle parameters numbers
Number of axles Symbol Colour Flashing
Truck over 3.5 tons <= 2 2


Green No
3 3


4 4


>=5 23
Bus <= 2 2


Green No
3 3


4 3
>=5 23


Credit level light signalling.
Credit amount Colour Flashing
Sufficient - active Green No
Reduced - pre-warning Green No
Low - warning Yellow No
Insufficient - blocked Red No


Battery status light indicator (accumulator).
External power supply battery
Connected? Colour Flashing
Connected Yes Green No
Yes Yellow No
Yes Yellow No
Defective battery   Red No
Disconnected Yes Green Yes
Yes Yellow Yes
Yes Yellow Yes


You can download the Billien OBU 5051 Electronic Device User’s Guide in the Downloads section.


Instructions for issues with the electronic device (on-board unit)

If a malfunction or damage to the electronic device occurs while driving on toll roads, the driver shall be obliged to visit the nearest contact or distribution point and replace the electronic device there.

In the event of theft, loss or destruction of the electronic device, the vehicle operator or the vehicle driver shall be obliged to report theft, loss or destruction of the electronic device to the system operator on the customer service line on +420 243 243 243 without unreasonable delay.

How to proceed with troubleshooting, loss or theft of the Electronic Device?