Contact points

Specification of scope of customer services provided at Contact Points

A contact point is where customer services are provided and where (among other things) it is possible to conclude a postpay terms agreement. 

A contact point provides the following services:

  • provides information on the electronic toll system; 
  • allows the vehicle to be registered in the electronic toll system in the prepay mode, in the postpay mode or the user registration in the electronic toll system in the toll exemption mode; 
  • enables the conclusion, modification and termination of the postpay terms agreement, including the acceptance of bank guarantees; 
  • enables payment of the deposit and issue of an electronic device, its return and return of an inactive electronic device, including the termination of vehicle registration in the electronic toll system in the prepay mode and the postpay mode; 
  • enables the electronic device to be replaced in the postpay mode, the prepay mode and in the toll exemption mode in case of its technical malfunction, or if it is a damaged electronic device, replace it in the event of loss or theft and receive a related failure, loss or theft report;
  • enables prepay toll payment in the prepay mode;
  • enables the collection of unused prepaid tolls with simultaneous return of the electronic device;
  • enables additional payment of the toll for a vehicle driving on toll roads without electronic device or a non-operational electronic device upon provision of the necessary information by the user (reconstruction of the route by date, place and time of access to a toll road and exit from it); 
  • enables the submission of a request for a supplementary toll payment based on a title other than a non-existing or non-operational electronic device;    
  • enables the return of the Electronic Device in the Toll Exemption Mode;
  • enables to obtain electronic toll transaction statements for the most recent period of 30 consecutive days, including a methodological explanations thereof;
  • enables duplicates of tax documents to be issued;
  • enables the receipt of applications for setting up access to the customer zone and password reset for access in the customer self-service;
  • enables the receipt of applications for acquiring a toll discount;
  • enables the receipt of claims, complaints and submissions; 
  • enables receiving technical trouble reports;
  • provides information on the anticipated amount of toll according the data provided by the user about the route, time of the journey and the vehicle category;
  • provides for communication in Czech and English;
  • provides information materials in the following languages: Czech, English, German, Slovak, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Turkish.

You can find an overview of individual contact points in the list of contact points section, or you can view them on the map of toll roads.

All other details about business and communication customer channels and the scope of services they provide are specified in the relevant provision of the general business terms and conditions of the electronic toll system administrator, which is available in the documents for download section.



List of Contact Points