Customer Portal and Customer Zone

Specification of the range of customer services provided through the customer portal and the customer zone.

The Customer Portal provides vehicle operators and drivers with:

  • general information about the electronic toll system, including the toll calculator for estimated toll calculation; 
  • access to the customer zone;
  • information materials for download in the following languages: Czech, English, German, Slovak, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian , Serbian, Turkish.

The Customer Zone provides these customer services to vehicle operators and drivers:

  • enable a vehicle to be registered in the electronic toll system in the prepay mode 
  • enable the conclusion and amendment of the postpay terms agreement with deferred maturity (with bank guarantee), including the receipt of bank guarantees; 
  • enables the resetting of the customer zone password; 
  • enables the additional complete registration of the user in the prepayment Mode;
  • enables the adjustment of contact details of the vehicle operator or adjustment of the invoice delivery method of delivery after the user's registration;
  • enables the payment of a deposit; 
  • enables the payment of the prepaid toll in the prepay mode;
  • enables additional payment of the outstanding toll due for driving the toll roads without an electronic device (on-board unit) or with a malfunctioning electronic device after the user entering the necessary information (reconstructing the route by date, location and the time of entry and exit from a toll road);
  • enables a request submission for supplementary toll payment based on a title other than a non-existent or non-operational electronic device;
  • enables the obtaining of electronic toll statements for a maximum of the last three (3) years and a maximum of 45 consecutive days;
  • enables the issuance of duplicates of tax documents;
  • enables the receipt of requests for granting a toll discount;
  • enables the receipt of claims, complaints and suggestions;
  • enables the receipt of reports on technical malfunction reports;
  • provides for communication and provides information materials for download in the following languages: Czech , English, German, Slovak, Polish, Romanian, Hungarian, Russian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Serbian, Turkish.

The condition for making the Customer Zone available is the user logging in by means of a login name and password or through an electronic identification tool, thereby protecting the information from abuse by an unauthorised person.

Access to the Customer Zone