The Customer Zone and the registration in the electronic toll system will be available from 22 September 2019.

19. 08. 2019 |
Myto cz

The Customer Zone will be launched on 22 September 2019. Together with the launch of the Customer Zone, toll road users will be able to register in the new toll system in the Czech Republic. The online registration will be possible for the prepay mode and the post-pay mode together with bank guarantee. 

 Overview of key deadlines for hauliers:

22 August 2019 

  • start of the initial information campaign 
  • launch of the web 

 22 September 2019

  • launch of the registration of vehicles and their operators in the new electronic toll system
  • distribution of new on-board units to hauliers registering online;
  • launch of the operation of distribution and contact points 

Note: until 1 December 2019 your vehicle needs to be equipped with the existing on-board unit; in the meantime, a new on-board unit, which will not be active until the new system is launched, may be placed in the vehicle. (it will not create any toll transactions)

01 December 2019 

  • launch of the electronic toll system operation 
  • from this date, the haulier shall be obliged to have a vehicle equipped with a new on-board unit while driving on toll roads;