After a week, 38,000 vehicles are registered in the new toll system, while small hauliers are waiting for legal disputes to end

30. 09. 2019 |
Myto cz

Prague, 30 September 2019 - In the first week after the launch of registrations, approximately 38,000 vehicles from 4,000 hauliers registered in CzechToll's new satellite toll system. So far, one thousand on-board units have been issued or shipped to hauliers. Only a small number of vehicles were registered in the system by smaller hauliers, who are mistakenly waiting for the end of legal toll disputes. 

Nearly 90 % of vehicles were registered by fuel card issuers and companies delivering turnkey solutions for hauliers. These companies have been preparing for the change of the toll system in the long term, just like large hauliers with dozens of vehicles. CzechToll expects the biggest complications for smaller hauliers, who have almost stopped their registrations after the decision by the Office for the Protection of Competition from last week.

“The status of legal uncertainty about the future of the toll system in the Czech Republic is not good for us. Instead of registering, we address hauliers' inquiries as to whether the satellite toll system will really be up and running and whether they should register. We would like to reassure hauliers, as the Ministry of Transport already did, that the system will be running as planned on 1 December 2019 and timely registration is therefore necessary,” said Matej Okáli, CEO of CzechToll. 

Registration in the new system started on Sunday, 22 September 2019. So far, most registrations have been made online, the easiest way to enter a vehicle in the system. For the time being, the Points of Sale at petrol stations have been used only minimally. Hauliers who prefer personal contact have the ideal chance to meet their duty to register without waiting in queues right now.

Hauliers must register in the new system and equip the vehicles with on-board units no later than by the start date of the new toll system, i.e. by 1 December 2019. The condition for receiving or sending a new on-board unit is, in addition to registration. also payment of a refundable deposit for the on-board unit in the amount of CZK 2,468. 

The registration of vehicles can be carried out at more than 200 Points of Sale, at selected branches of the Economic Chamber, through fuel card issuers or online at In case of online registration, the haulier will receive a new on-board unit upon payment of the refundable deposit by post (free shipping applies to shipments within the Czech Republic, to Germany, Austria, Poland and Slovakia). 

Complete information about the new toll system can be found at   or on the non-stop customer service line +420 243 243 243.