Updated measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus

20. 03. 2020 |
Myto cz

To minimize the spread of coronavirus, the toll system operator has taken the following measures:

It is not possible to return the Onboard Units at the Distribution Points* 

  • Applies from 20/03/2020 until further notice

Limitation of the operation of Contact Points

No restrictions.

Limitation of the operation of Distribution Points

Current list of Distribution Points, which are operational is available here.

The following Distribution Points are in shutdown until further notice for operational reasons:

  • DP 2170 To & Mi Vdf. Dolní Dvořiště ·>(CZ) 
  • DP 4136 MOL Cheb, Svatý Kříž·>(DE)

* Users, who know they will not use toll roads for at least 6 months can return the on-board unit by post according to these instructions.