Last chance to register without queues: a week before the start of the new toll system, CzechToll points of sale are still far from full

28. 11. 2019 |
Press Release
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Prague, 26 November 2019 - A week before the start of the new toll system 274 thousand vehicles are registered, 60% of the total expected number of vehicles, for the new system. In the Czech Republic, 21 thousand vehicles yet remain to be registered and 54 thousand in Poland. During the ninth week of the registration, CzechToll dispatched an average of 8,200 OBUs from Monday to Friday every day. 


Photo: OBUs are waiting in the morning for shipment to hauliers after a night of preparations

Despite the expected increased interest by hauliers in the last-minute registration, CzechToll's warning of traffic complications at border points still persists. There are 11 additionally established registration offices at selected border crossings with 24/7 operation prepared for the onset of small hauliers from abroad, there are already 15 mobile registration points in the field, also with 24/7 operation. 

“On Wednesday, we are preparing a crisis staff meeting before the launch of the new toll system. The aim of the meeting is to examine in detail the readiness of all units for the onset of foreign hauliers which irresponsibly leave the registration and collection of  the new on-board unit up to their first trip to the Czech Republic, said Matej Okáli, CzechToll CEO.

The implemented measures will bring about a significant improvement in the expected traffic situation at critical border crossings, yet the expected queues of lorries cannot be completely eliminated due to the capacity of petrol stations and parking areas. At the Lanžhot crossing, the measure will shorten the queue from the expected 44 km to 12 km, in Bohumín from 40 km to 11 km, in Český Těšín from 22 km to 5 km. There is also a risk at other border crossings, as short queues of lorries may form suddenly, even inland, at points of sale at petrol stations.

The highest number of vehicles that still need to be registered belong to  Polish hauliers. Of the expected number of 118 thousand vehicles, 64 thousand have been registered so far, or 54%. In the Czech Republic there are still 21 thousand vehicles left (84% already registered), the same number as in Germany (only 26% of vehicles are registered). 

In the course of nine weeks, the hauliers fulfilled all the conditions for sending the OBU for 163,000 vehicles - this means that 111 thousand vehicles are registered on one hand, but the haulier has not met one of the conditions necessary for sending the unit. Typically, this may be the absence of payment of the refundable deposit, failure to submit a bank guarantee (under the postpay mode), or just the absence of an address for sending the OBU. In such cases, the haulier will be contacted CzechToll several times in order to send as many on-board units as possible before the start of the new toll system.

Country Remaining estimated number of vehicles for which registration is required
(rounded to thousands)
Number of registered vehicles
(rounded to thousands)
Percentage of vehicles already registered of the total expected number

54 000

64 000 54 %
Czech Republic

21 000

108 000 84 %

21 000

7 000 26 %

20 000

15 000 43 %

6 000

16 000 72 %

8 000

18 000 70 %

2 000

14 000 88 %

The easiest for hauliers to register is on the website After paying the refundable deposit the on-board unit will delivered to them by post. Registration is also available through fuel card issuers, at more than 200 points of sale and at 15 selected branches of the Chamber of Commerce. 

Complete information about the new toll system can be found at   or on the non-stop customer service line +420 243 243 243.