Government resolution to minimize the impact of Covid-19

29. 04. 2020 |
Myto cz

Following the decision of the Government of the Czech Republic of 30 March 2020, carriers who have been negatively affected by measures relating to COVID-19 and pay tolls in the post-pay mode are allowed to use the deferred payment of invoices for tolls. The invoice due date is extended to 90 days from the end of the invoicing period. The extended due date can be used for tolls in the period from 1.4. 2020 to 31.7.2020.

Post pay mode with bank guarantee 

  • Carriers using the post-pay mode with a bank guarantee are allowed to use 90 days due date extension for tolls in the period from 1.4.2020 to 31.7.2020. 
  • This fact has been already reflected in the invoices issued during April

Post pay mode with fleet card issuer

The setting of extended invoice maturity for carriers that are registered through fleet card issuers is more complicated. For these carriers, the invoices from the system operator (RMD) are only informative; they pay the toll on the basis of invoicing (request for payment) from their fleet card issuer.

According to the technical and operational capabilities of fleet card issuers, the 90-day invoice due date for tolls was negotiated under this conditions:

for toll transactions in the period 1.4. – 31.7.2020

  • Benzina
  • CCS
  • Diners Club
  • DKV
  • LogPay
  • MOL
  • PaySystem
  • Plose
  • WAG

for toll transactions in the period 1.5. - 31.7. 2020  

  • OMV
  • Total / AS24 Eurotrafic

Contact your fleet card issuer for more information. The 90-day due date extension does not apply to the payment of a refundable deposit per on-board unit.

Unfortunately, for technical and operational reasons, the following fleet card issuers could not set up the 90-day due date extension:

  • E100
  • MS Europe (MSTS Tolls, ESSO-WEX)
  • Shell
  • Trafineo (ROUTEX-BP, ROUTEX-Cicle K, ROUTEX-ENI)
  • UTA

A new version of the General Terms and Conditions that reflects this measure has been added to the Documents for Download section.