CzechToll doubled the capacity of the points of sale at the Czech border, it is ready to register 15 thousand vehicles coming from abroad per day

29. 11. 2019 |
Press Release
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Prague, 28 November 2019 - During the expected onset of small foreign hauliers  during the launch of the new toll system, CzechToll will double the capacity of border points of sale. From an average of 60 employees, the company strengthened the capacity to 120 people. At the Czech border, CzechToll is ready to register 15 thousand vehicles per day and additional 65 thousand vehicles inland per day. 

The number of employees will increase by 5% at selected points of sale inland. The capacity of support offices at CzechToll headquarters was more than doubled. In total, nearly 700 workers are involved in crisis measures to cope with the onset of foreign hauliers; the costs of these measures exceeding CZK 60 million will be fully covered by CzechToll.

“Given the quieter weekend traffic and the Sunday ban on lorry driving, we expect the first risk of traffic complications only on Monday morning. According to the traffic model, the risk is rising from 4:00 am, peaking at noon and gradually decreasing in the late afternoon,” said Petr Chvátal, CzechToll COO. 

CzechToll expects the highest risk in the first three days after the system is launched, after which the situation at points of sale should gradually calm down. In the places of traffic complications, traffic will be managed by CzechToll coordinators; drivers will recognize them according to yellow reflective vests with the MYTOCZ.EU logo. Transport police officers, who are involved in the crisis team, will also help with traffic. 

Since the start of the new toll system, a standard toll collection enforcement system will be in operation using vehicles marked as the Customs Administration and control gantries. 

CzechToll expects the greatest risk of traffic complications at border crossings with Poland and Slovakia, through which transit traffic from Eastern Europe and the Balkan countries flows. This is one of the reasons why we concentrate most of these measures on these locations, which should bring a significant improvement in the expected traffic situation. 

At the Lanžhot crossing, the measure has been able to shorten the maximum length of the queue from the expected 44 km to 12 km, in Bohumín from 40 km to 11 km, in Český Těšín from 22 km to 5 km. However, there is a risk of sudden queues at other crossings as well. Also, some inland petrol stations may form shorter queues of lorries waiting to register and have a new on-board unit issued.

As at 28 November 2019, 296 thousand vehicles were already registered for the new toll system, 64 % of the total expected number of vehicles in the system. So far, drivers have picked up 187 thousand on-board units. 

The easiest for hauliers to register is on the website After paying the refundable deposit the on-board unit will delivered to them by post. Registration is also available through fuel card issuers, at more than 200 points of sale and at 15 selected branches of the Chamber of Commerce. Complete information about the new toll system can be found at or on the non-stop customer service line +420 243 243 243.

mobilní registrace

Photo: One of the fifteen mobile registration points placed in CzechToll vehicles.