The new toll system will be managed by CzechToll from The Artgen building in Prague

01. 08. 2019 |
Press Release
Myto cz

Prague, 24 June 2019 – CzechToll has achieved further milestones in the preparation of the new toll system to be launched on 1 December 2019. In addition to other key components, CzechToll has  completed the preparation of the back office and enforcement workplaces of the new toll system in the ArtGen Office Gallery in Holešovice, Prague. The new registered office of the company is also located here as of 19 June 2019.

“We have already completed 90 percent of the satellite toll system. It will be fully completed in August, when we start the operational tests. We have contracts with all the suppliers and a number of tests involving the partial components of the entire system are underway. More than 250,000 new on-board units have been produced,”  said CzechToll’s CEO, Matej Okáli, on the preparation of the new toll system.

Hauliers from the Czech Republic and abroad will be able to register their vehicles in the new system as of 22 September 2019. By registering in time and obtaining a new on-board unit, they avoid queues that may arise at the toll system POSs and contact points in December.

“The new cutting-edge toll system by CzechToll will save state budget funds compared to the existing system. The building cost and the ten years of operation will be approximately one third compared to the existing one. Therefore, we have taken into account the economics, modern technologies and the optimal price in the choosing of the new offices  where we will manage the toll system,”  said Matej Okáli.

The administrative and business complex of the ArtGen Office Gallery from the PPF Real Estate portfolio received final building approval in 2015. One of the first tenants of the innovative office space was the popular e-shop The Art and Gen buildings, which were awarded the prestigious LEED GOLD certification, use a range of modern and eco-friendly technologies, including rainwater for the of flushing toilets. Of course, the process for granting the LEED GOLD certificate includes the evaluation of the quality and safety of the used building materials, the quality of the indoor environment, the level of pollution, and waste management.