Two weeks before the start of the new toll system only 51% of vehicles are registered, in Poland 91% of hauliers know about the obligation to register

19. 11. 2019 |
Press Release
Myto cz

Prague, 19 November 2019 - In eight weeks, hauliers registered 234,000 vehicles, 51% of the expected total of 458,000, for the new toll system. In the third week before the launch of the new toll system, the average daily number of vehicles registered grew. As expected, the hauliers  who left their duty at the last minute are starting to register their vehicles as well.

Large hauliers under the postpay toll mode have already registered 197 thousand vehicles (128% of the planned 154 thousand vehicles). Smaller hauliers that operate on Czech roads and motorways under the prepay toll mode have so far registered only 12 % of vehicles (37 thousand). 

“The good news is that some hauliers use the obligation to register to switch from the prepay mode to the postpay mode. This is one of the reasons why we already have almost a third more vehicles registered in the postpay mode than in the current microwave system. This means less administration and less system operating costs. Worse news is that more than 200,000 vehicles yet remain to be registered,” said Matej Okáli, the CEO of CzechToll.

Due to the insufficient activity of hauliers in the process of registration, at the beginning of December, especially at border crossings with Poland, Slovakia and Germany, serious traffic complications are expected. With regard to serious risks, CzechToll is preparing a number of measures to be presented on Thursday this week. 

CzechToll continues its intensive campaign in countries where the highest number of vehicles yet remains to be registered. Last week, the awareness of hauliers in Poland was checked: According to a survey carried out by IPSOS agency, 91% of the Polish haulage companies addressed knew about the need to register and install a new on-board unit. Unfortunately, of those who do not yet have new on-board units, 54% of those surveyed count on registering on their first trip to the Czech Republic.

Overview of countries where most vehicles remain to be registered in the new toll system

Country Remaining estimated number of vehicles for which registration is required
(rounded to thousands)
Number of registered vehicles
(rounded to thousands)
Percentage of vehicles already registered of the total expected number

65 000

53 000 45 %
Czech Republic

31 000

98 000 76 %

22 000

12 000 36 %

22 000

6 000 22 %

9 000

14 000 63 %

10 000

16 000 62 %

7 000

9 000 54 %

The easiest for hauliers to register is on the website After paying the refundable deposit the on-board unit will delivered to them by post. Registration is also available through fuel card issuers, at more than 200 points of sale and at 15 selected branches of the Chamber of Commerce. 

Complete information about the new toll system can be found at or on the non-stop customer service line +420 243 243 243.