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Distribution Points

Distribution points provide services to drivers who are on the road. They are located along tolled roads, or within their proximity, and at selected border crossings. In distribution centres, drivers can obtain and register premid onboard units in the prepaid system.

The services provided at premid point distribution centres enable the user to:

  • Get registered in the tolling system
  • Pay tolls in the prepaid system
  • Pay a deposit and collect or exchange a premid onboard unit, or return a premid onboard unit to get their deposit back
  • Get a refund for any credit that remains on the premid, which  must be returned at the same time
  • Pay outstanding tolls
  • Get a statement in the form of an invoice for all toll transactions that occurred during the preceding month
  • Get information about the electronic tolling system
  • Report technical malfunctions, as well as loss or theft, of their premid onboard unit
  • File a complaint or make a suggestion concerning the tolling system
  • Get information brochures in all official EU languages as well as Croatian, Norwegian, Russian, Serbian and Turkish
  • Communicate with native Czech and Slovak speakers, as well as distribution point employees fluent in English, German or Russian

Correct procedures most commonly performed activities on distribution points to downoload here  [(374) PDF]:

Premid point distribution points are open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

List of distribution points (374) [PDF format] [XLS format] ; DP´s finder here


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