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Instructions POST-PAY BG


This procedure is for users of devices where there has been no transaction recorded over the past twelve months.

Your device has expired:

  • there was a forfeiture of deposit
  • the account of the vehicle was closed

It is not possible to use the device and you need to buy a new device.
If you use an expired device for another journey then the Customs Administration will deal with this.

Register your vehicle again at a Contact Point. You can collect your new device straight away. The driver can also collect the new device, he/she can do so also at a Distribution Point. The driver has to present the original document for the vehicle and he/she has to know the account number. You will get this number after you have registered your vehicle.

There will be no expiration for the new device if you return the device in time provided you no longer use the device.

If you need to use the roads where the toll is collected immediately (for instance you have found out the deposit has expired) you need to buy a new device at a Distribution or at a Contact Point:

  • fill in the registration form
  • present the original document to the vehicle
  • pay the deposit and top up your device

Return the expired device. You will get a confirmation.

Return the PRE-PAY device when leaving the Czech Republic.

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